BSHW Shake Up

There are moves being made by BSHW every damn day.  BSHW Shake Up is a weekly podcast designed to tell all the Hard Woodies about the shit going down behind closed doors, under the table, and over the counter.  From the new podcasts, exponential viewership, and revolutionary ideas, Balls, Sacks, & Hard Wood started from the bottom, and now…we’re fuckin here.

5/1/2017- Episode 1: BSHW Shake Up

O’Kane, The 2nd String Starting QB, 3DLS, and Mitchtern tell you about, in the words of O’Kane, “Just recorded my first pod with we discussed Mifflin, the future of the website and how big cock is. It’s huge.”

5/7/2017- Episode 2: BSHW Shake Up

We talked about views, content, and new projects.  Also, listen to hear our best drunk stories.  They’re pretty fucked.  Also, the file size is 69 MB so you know its good.