The Football Guys You Fantasize About

The Second String Starting QB and D3LS, along with the Greatest Football Mind on the Internet as their producer, present BSHW’s original fantasy football podcast and blog dedicated to deliver the hottest stats and cockiest attitudes necessary to wreck lives in your fantasy football league by outscoring and outsmarting every single opponent…1 by 1.

The Football Guys You Fantasize About’s Podcast and Blog will not only give you The Second String Starting QB and D3LS’ rankings, projections, values, sleepers, tiers, and more stat filled information for every NFL player and fantasy football situation we can think of, but will also teach you the mental aspects of knowing your opponent, trash-talkin’, trading, and team name creating absolutely necessary to become the Champion of your league ever single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Nowhere else on the internet can you get fantasy football wisdom from regular guys who play the same everyday morons and assholes that we all know as our best friends.  Sure, ESPN, Rotoworld, and other professional fantasy football companies will give you ADP, analysis, and other safe, non-side taking, boring stats that won’t ruin their reputations if they’re wrong.  The Footballs Guys You a Fantasize About will give you all that plus hot takes, bold opinions that we’ll cross our hearts on, and real-life (not fantasy football strategy) tips to help you mentally take advantage of your opponents.

If you fuck with us, I promise you’ll be an instant Championship caliber team, maybe even a Championship team, but definitely the team everybody fuckin hates to play in your league.

Listen to the podcast, read the blogs, follow us on twitter and Instagram at @FantasyGuysBSHW, and go win a chip in 2017.