The O’Zone

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.53.48 PMO’Kane here and welcome to the O-Zone, the podcast hosted by your’s truly. This biweekly podcast will feature all kinds of shenanigans you’d expect from the boys at Balls Sacks and Hardwood.  So enjoy and share to all and let’s talk about all kinds of weird shit.



Episode one is here.  Connor and I discuss the NBA and NHL Playoffs along with some NFL Draft.  Also the upcoming weekend in Wisco! Enjoy

Link to intro song by DEZ


In this week’s episode O’Kane is joined by the Bitchtern Mitch!  The fellas discuss NBA Playoffs, Lonzo Ball, Sex Toys, Hovercrafts and so much more!

Yes, Mitch is drunk by the end.


O’Kane sits down with up and coming hip hop artist “Dez” aka the dude who’s voice you hear at the beginning of every podcast.  The guys have NFL Predictions, NBA Playoffs, 30 Sec of NHL and talk about Dez’s upcoming project “Green Apple”.